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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Recruit 5 and his Sunday School Teacher

Sitting in Sunday School today I was teaching a lesson to my class of 4 turning 5 years old and zipping right along. I look up from reading part of a story and I'm caught off guard when I behold Recruit 5. He is sitting in a chair, his shoes off and the bottom of his feet pressed together in a yoga pose, knees falling out to the side. His fingers are pressed together and resting, palms up on his knees.

"Excuse me," I say, "What ARE you doing?"

Recruit 5 with his impish grin and fabulous ears parallel with his knees, says matter-of-factly, as if I am a complete dunce, "I'm meditating!"

I had to step out of the room to keep from laughing. I just got up and walked out. When I returned he was back into a normal Sunday School position and we carried on. Seriously, Meditating???

Thursday, August 28, 2008

What does this say to you?

I loved this picture. What do you think Recruit 4 is thinking? I'd be interested to see what you think. Write out your thought in the comments section. By the way, he just stormed out of the dining room because I wouldn't talk to him. He's been talking straight for 1 hour and 13 minutes. He even read off EVERY business that was listed on the band discount card.... He got upset because I stopped saying "oh," and "uh huh"...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Recruit 5 Starts Kindergarten!!!!!

My sweet son R5 is officially in the public school system. He and I went for his orientation yesterday and today I shoved him out the door of the green beast and let him go in the building all by himself.

On the way to the school I asked him if he was nervous. He said "Not a bit... okay maybe a little."
I asked him if he was going to be okay and he looked annoyed and said, "uh, yes."
So I rolled up, paused, he jumped and I rolled away. I did make the little circle to make sure he made it in the building...

Here you see the cool cake Jessica made! And he who shall not be named today. He's mad at me right now. I shan't expound or pontificate about it. No, I shan't.

Do I deseserve it? Umm, that all depends. Probably. Will he get over it? OF COURSE! :) After I grovel, clean the bedroom and pretend to cook dinner. None of which I have time for today but will concentrate on mentally. Who knows, I could move a load of laundry with my mind. OH! I could multi-task on grovel while picking kids up from school. Okay, one out of three isn't bad now is it?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Insanity Potpourri

I am close to the drooling and twitching stage right now. Some of it is my own fault and some of it is just circumstance. I've entitled this "potpourri" because it's a little bit of a lot of different things. Just in case you have nothing better to do (like anything else other than reading this...) I've provided snippets below:

Things you never want to see first thing in the morning: Walking around the corner this morning after returning home from dropping oldest three recruits off at school, I saw a plaid clad behind with little legs sticking out of my freezer. Recruit 6 had pulled a chair up and was climbing into the freezer to get the Hershey miniature bag tucked at the back of the freezer. Upon hearing my loud exclamation of fear, outrage, and astonishment he jumped back into the chair, barely making the seat of it with his tiny feet encased in slippery socks.

Things that happened regardless if you're ready or not: Today was the first day of school and I stayed up past midnight reading a book.

Things not done in moderation: In the last four days I've read four novels. I am completely annoyed, irritated and almost angry that I even listened to the rave reviews sisters in my Ward have been giving the Stephanie Meyers novels. I know myself too well and can become obsessed so easily. That's how I got The Marine... Anyway, I SO didn't want to get snagged into that frenzied reading fever and really didn't have time. (I did get my professional work done... in case anyone from my professional work is reading this and wondering, or grimacing, or both at the same time...)


Things just not done: Did I mention the first day of school? What do you think reading 4 Novels in 4 Days does to ones house, laundry, fridge, preparedness, organization, etc.? It dumps it right down the toilet and flushes it several times.... SEND HELP! SEND PLASTIC TUBBIES! SEND IN THE MERRY MAIDS!

The Marine's Marine Corps Anniversary: Smack dab in the middle of my bad, negligent, unorganized behavior I did manage to have FHE tonight (we reviewed chores and schedules; blaaaachk!!! and we celebrated The Marine's 22nd Anniversary in the Corps. My friend made a de-lish cake and I took a picture. Will post it later. Oooooo-RAH Marine, Happy 22! I think the Corps and I have done a dandy job! (snicker snicker) I just put that in to see if The Marine EVER reads my blog...

FOOTBALL, CHEER LEADING, GUARD, AND CROSS COUNTRY: 5 out of our 6 have one of the afore mentioned activities. My calendar is freaking out and sends me flashing warning signs every time I enter another event. It started out simple enough with notes like "appointment conflicts with an already scheduled event" or something to that effect. Now it just screams "SERIOUSLY????!!!"

Returning home after a week trip with 4 recruits 3 days before school started: Seriously, WHO does that??

I am happy to report I just (literally 7 minutes and 32 seconds ago) finished the 4th novel. I now feel free from it's weird spell binding hypnotic hold it had on me. (The movie comes out Nov 21st!) I shall be a much better human and stop hiding in bathrooms, closets, vehicles, and behind locked doors in order to read uninterrupted.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Meet Reservist 1

I decided to introduce some new characters. I wish I had more time to train these reservist into the wacky ways of our unit, but if truth be told, their mom does a pretty good version of crazy all on her own! Meet my precocious niece Reservist 1. She is 6 going on 36. I'm not kidding either...
I really like this little firecracker and can't wait to move back home one day so I can really drive her mom crazy! Just think of all the stuff Recruits 1 and 3 and I could teach her!
Reservist 1 is a first born and all that that means. She and Recruit 4 don't mix real well, although they made it a lot further through the visit before things started to go south. Probably a lot more a like than they would ever care to admit! This is her "I'm not going to smile face". I was telling her NOT to smile, thinking she would smile, but darn if she wasn't pretty good about obeying orders!

Below you see Recruit 3 attempting to teach this sweet little darling bad things. The art of silly photography while riding in the back seat of The Grandmother's truck. You have no idea how many of these self portraits taken at various angles I've downloaded onto my computer. It's truly sad.
Reservist 1 was one of my best passengers! She yelled WOOHOOO! every time I requested and didn't scare a bit. Even when I took the turn at skull rock a little fast. She said I was a crazy driver. I think she meant excellent driver and just got her words mixed up. She's only going into the first grade you know... In addition to being quite the little lady, she is also full of great advice and definitely has her own opinons. Unfortunately the poor dear hasn't gotten to spend enough time to really figure her Aunt Kelli out and I disappointedly don't have more time to mess with her. I must resign myself to torturing the active duty members of my squad...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How do you miss home when you're there?

We are at my mom's property and I can't wait to load the pictures we've taken. The go cart has been the big hit. Some of the recruits are scared of the mules. We need to work on that...

Mom has a travel trailer out here until she builds her house. So we are all really really close right now. Not necessarily in a good way either...

Recruit 5 said: Grandmother needs more toys.

Recruit 6 said: OOOOH! look at the tiny bathroom, and the tiny tub! I need to take a bath!

They have been having a great time, except that it's raining, raining, raining. So last night when we got here it was thankfully not raining. We were able to play on the go cart and run around the play house and the tire swing.

Today we're traveling into town to this indoor jumping thing my sister found. The recruits 3 and 4 have been there twice with their reservist cousins, so Recruit 5 and 6 have been juiced up about going for 48 hours. If we don't go today someone is going to go crazy! (me...)

Now bear with me while I wax sentimental. I love being home. Even though the family home I grew up in (Monster Acres) has been sold, I still miss the beautiful state I have always thought of as home. I miss my mom and having my sister and her two itty bitties near by. I was able to have a family lunch at my Uncle's house and see another cousin (Recruit 4 said "hello your my Mom's evil twin") great. Actually she and I share a strong family resemblance. We also got to visit a couple of time with MY Grandmother. The Original GRANDMOTHER. She will be 83 this year and is one of my favorite people in the world. It makes me sad to get on an airplane in a few days and not know when I will come home again.

Don't worry Marine, I'm coming back. (last time I came home I ended up being gone two months...)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sponge Bob and his hold on my family.

Genetics in a family or even just the brother/sister hood we share with the human race amazes me. I've not been "home" in two years and yet the similarities between my self and family and those of my relatives is scary.

Recruits 5 and 6 are the same age as my sister's youngest child, Reservists 2 will call him. He is four, the same age as Recruit 6. Sponge Bob played repeatedly yesterday over and over and over again. The fact they all passed out in front of the TV and I finished this novel I was reading made it okay. Today however I am once again being entertained by the sea sponge and his zany gang of sea creature friends.

Oh barnacles! is the popular dirty language around here right now as is TARTAR Sauce! Now I've got an extra little man cursing in deep sea lingo.

I'm glad to report Reservists 2 was already well indoctrinated into Sponge Bob's world long before we got here.

Currently my sister and Reservist 2 went home. I've got her oldest Reservists 1 and we will all travel to Mom's property near where she lives tomorrow. It's supposed to rain all week so that is possibly putting a damper on our go cart and mule riding plans. We'll see.

After church today we met up with extended family at my Uncle's house for FAJITAS and RIBS and BAKED BEANS! It was all very good and the good food around here is one reason I want to move back!

I am too tired to go find someones camera, download pics and upload them, so I apologize for this rather blah blog post. The kids have all been unnaturally good and polite and well... quite UN-entertaining as far as blog worthy stuff. It also means I won't have a lot of stuff to replace when we leave Mom's house so that's a good thing!

I'm off for a Sunday Nap! Later Gators!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

3 Hours in an airport. HELP ME!!!!

I am sitting in the Atlanta airport. Anyone else here???
Little boys are DONE. They want to know:
  1. Where's the plane

  2. Can we go home.

  3. Where's the other surprise

  4. Can we leave now

  5. Can we go potty AGAIN

  6. Where's the other food

Little boys are saying:

  1. He's got my chewbaca

  2. stop touching me

  3. this is as stupid movie

  4. isni't it getting a little dark out?

  5. I smell grandmother all the way from here... (weird, I know)

  6. I want Daddy

  7. Can I reclaim my spot in your womb... (okay they didn't say that, but I'm being mauled worse than Sacrament meeting on Sunday.)

The Airplane ride:

Recruit 6, about 40 minutes into the flight looked up at me and said, "So who's flying this baby anyway?"

Recruit 5 said at take off, "I think I might be a little nervous. Can you hold my hand?"

I did, and I tried to hold Recruit 6's hand. He hugged my arm, moved my WHOLE arm back onto my leg, patted it and grinned at me. Guess he might not be a little nervous.

What the two recruits are doing: Recruit 5, looking at planes and alternately whining. Recruit 6: practicing his superhero poses and mean face AT RANDOM PASSENGERS in the TERMINAL...Going to go make them do push ups and stand at attention...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Recruit 6 got a haircut! However he wouldn't act normal for a picture, so picture this being about all the hair he has.

I fly out tomorrow with Recruits 5 and 6 to go see The Grandmother and reclaim R3 and R4.
It will be small planes, 7 hours travel time and a late arrival. I'll take notes so I don't leave out ANY details.

This will be the boy's first flight where they will be able to really pay attention to what is going on.

The last time they flew was when my dad passed away in 2005. Recruit 5 was 2 and Recruit 6 had just turned 1.

They both cried. Alot.

Recruit 1 was holding R5 in the row of seats across from me and all I could hear him screaming over the roar of the propellers, (it was a prop plane... thank goodness, extra loud) was the following phrases:



and last but not least

"YOU'RE HURTING MY PRIVATE AREA!" (he actually used the anatomically correct word where the bolded words are, but for some reason I'm reluctant to type it out here.)

It should be interesting to see what the little angels provide as fodder for your reading pleasure this trip.


The Marine:

He's home. He arrived about 30 seconds after I threatened to eat cereal in the previous blog. Thank Goodness.

Recruit 2: For those of you who read about his ER visit on the mountain we are thrilled to report the ultra sound was PERFECT and today the visit to the urologist revealed he is cleared to start running with his cross country team as of now!

No restrictions.

All the stitches have been absorbed, he has had no pain and the only lingering side effect is his lack of energy, desire to participate and moodiness from hanging out doing little to nothing for two weeks. Which by the way Thursday 14 August will be exactly two since the injury. That is CRAZY! I am always amazed at the human body's ability to heal and rejuvenate.

I think those are the most important updates for now!

Monday, August 11, 2008

It's 0212

He's late. Already ate berrys and cream/yogurt mix and a chicken leg. If he doesn't hurry up I'll be forced to eat cereal...

And why do these post list a bizarre time as having been posted? It wasn't 2255 a few minutes ago....

Musings after Midnight waiting for The Marine

It's 0155 and I'm staring at my computer. The Marine called.

"Just unlock the front door, I'll be home in 40 minutes." (good thing I got MOST of the trash out of the jeep earlier)

Well that is great news because I thought I was going to have to go pick him up at 0200. But now I'm awake anyway and can't go to sleep because someone will be walking into my house in less than 40 minutes.

Also I had to move R5 and R6 out of the bed. Since there beds were covered in clothes and toys I had to relocate them. I don't expect them to make it through the night because they are little boomerrangs. You take them out and they end up right back where you moved them from.

On a happy note, The Marine will be walking through the door in a few minutes! YAY!

Now should I tell him everything that is messed up or just let him discover it for himself? Hmmm.... I must go ponder this while I see what's in the fridge....

What Shennanigans have Recruits 3 and 4 Been Up To?

The "Middles" have been out of town for almost two weeks. They've been hanging out with THE GRANDMOTHER. She lives a long ways away and so a lot is packed into a short amount of time. I just received photographic evidence of their adventures today.

Riding around in a brand new go cart among other things! Recruit 4 is frustrated because Grandmother won't let him drive by himself. He has to have Recruit 3 with him. Right after I had that conversation with Grandmother, they (the middle recruits that is) were putting the go cart away in a shed and while Recruit 3 was opening a gate, Recruit 4 (in the driver's seat at the time) accidentally put the vehicle in reverse and knocked Recruit 3 over and made the gate wack her on the head. She's fine, a little sore but fine.
I'd say the Grandmother's point has been well proved!
This was taken right after they got it to Grandmother's property. I don't think this property has an official name yet. I'll have to ask. She used to live on Monster Acres... I need to blog about it...

Recruit 4 on Ethel. She has a companion mule named Fred. This recruit is an animal guy. I think he might be a future veterinarian, or lion tamer, or Guinea pig farmer...

Apparently they are also exploring new fashion. Expressing themselves finding out where they fit in. Or just playing dress up in their little cousin's dress up clothes. Recruit 3 actually rocks this look don't you think? That's my Korean brother in the background. I'll have to blog about that sometime too. I also have a Korean sister. She's not in this picture.

My LAND! Give this boy a guitar and big old belt buckle and who cares if he can sing! That look is how the west was won!

Getting ready for church. A cowboy and a gentleman, better yet give the boy a name tag, water bottle, a bicycle and a helmet. He will be a sweet missionary one day. I bet he's waiting on the women folk to finish getting dressed. Look how much he's colored. He'd be a better missionary one day if this picture had him reading those sciptures instead of coloring some weird animal. sigh.

Well there's an almost women folk now, and looks like she's ready to go!

The Grandmother, and look R4 is SMILING! Wow, pause a moment in wonderment and awe. Leave it to the Grandmother... and a go cart... and probably Ethel...

I bet the Grandmother just pinched R3. It wouldn't surprise me a bit. Some of the Grandfather's were big pinch-ers. It's genetic.
Thanks Grandmother! They look healthy and happy (and I'll have to work at bringing them back down to earth when I get them back!)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

All Wired Up!

I feel sometimes like I have so many moving parts and pieces that I can't possibly keep it all working correctly. You know like if you plug one wire into a spot where a different wire is supposed to be? I mean look at this picture. Does anyone have a clue what this is?

Well the answer is yes, someone does. Whoever created it. I have no idea what this is and it's one of my pictures. The Marine took it of course, not me. It's from an Air Show and it was soooo hot the day they went that I hid in the closet in my room so I wouldn't have to go. I would never have used up memory on my camera for this mess either.

Back to my point. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father knows all the moving parts in my life. I think it must be divine intervention that keeps me from getting my wires crossed more often than I do. I also think there must be times when my life must look like a mess just like the... this... that picture up there.

But I know that no matter how many wires and hoses, and pipes, and twisty plastic ties I have holding it all together, I can always find direction from Heavenly Father. Oh, and the fact He helped me snag The Marine who usually fixes whatever hoses I break and wires I plug in to the wrong place.


The Marine should be back soon. Good thing too, a few wires got crossed while he was gone...

Friday, August 8, 2008

Flashback: Desert Storm

Okay, so I'm still looking for pictures and sighing a lot. R1 and R2 left for a midnight madness football game. I don't want to take Thing 5 and Thing 6 (they are being difficult right now, I've demoted them). So here I sit wishing The Marine was around. But look what I found! Pictures!

It's getting close to The Marine's Marine Corps birthday. This August he will have served 22 years. I'm proud to say the Corps and I have done a fabulous job! Okay, old joke and all kidding aside I wonder what this young CPL pictured below would have thought if he could see 22 years into the future.
I'll tell you one thing. He NEVER would have guessed he'd be the dad of a politically correct fire team with reserve. This picture was taken the night I took him to the airport to fly back to Camp Pendleton so he could deploy with his unit to Desert Storm.

I've always thought he looked like "I'm going where?" In actuality he was probably thinking "stop with the pictures and get out of the car!"
Check out the 1990 Hair do! I was 9 weeks post partum so no ugly comments. I've heard about sudden bouts of post partum depression just surprising you even years later. You wouldn't want to trigger that now would you? This fat baby is Recruit 1, the one I just bragged about growing so nicely a few days ago. I love this picture. The Marine was totally in love with her... Still is. He's a FABULOUS Daddy. Oh, and this may be the only picture in existence with me wearing a watch. The Marine won't buy me any. He says I'm irresponsible with watches. Missing him less now...
This was taken before we left for the airport. The Marine had moved me back home to my folk's place, "Monster Acres". I'm actually not kidding. I shall blog about it one day. I remember thinking I hoped this wouldn't be our only family photo together. Morbid I know, but it's what I was thinking.
Man! He was cute. Man! She was a chunk. R1 is only 9 weeks old here. I EARNED the nickname Dairy Queen! (Breastfeeding moms will get that.) Later on I upgraded to the Mobile Dairy Queen as I developed some skill!

That IS NOT a gas bubble smile. The Marine was gooing to her and she smiled up in her sleep at him. It was seconds later he handed her to me and we said goodbye. We had no idea how long it would be before we saw one another again. One man walking away from what meant the most to him to do what was required. That's what it means to be a Marine.

Somewhere in the Desert, somewhere in the middle of nowhere, and yet he is totally cool looking! I must have carried this picture around with me. See the crease?
This is one of the most vivid, burned into my brain days. They were dismissed from formation and we attacked! R1 is now 11 months old! Yes, we are wearing matching jump suits. I was young.... No ugly comments, my mother made them! I loved them! In fact, I think the whole platoon should have matching jump suits this Christmas. Mom?

This was the BEST day EVER! And I remember thinking how grateful I was to have another family photo! I just love him...

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Recruit 5 makes a mile stone!

I have always loved watching my kids play sports, perform dance, play music, or whatever. I love watching them work hard and being privileged to witness those moments of triumph. I have been blessed beyond any doubt and I am grateful!

With frequent deployments, teams and coaches have always been important in my arsenal of weapons when it comes to kids, deployment, frequent moves and staying sane.

So now Recruit 5 is old enough to join "the older kids" in activities. This season marks a mile stone for my sweet tiny guy.

For me this means a 'hole nuther' schedule to keep track of and games to work into my calendar. Not to mention the sport of choice for the fall season is Football!

Now you have to understand I LOVE football. Not watching it on TV, or playing it myself, but watching my little boys face their fears, learn discipline, and work as a team. AND BREAKING THROUGH A LINE. Sorry. I can't help it. When Recruit 1 started playing I was pregnant with R5 and R6 back to back football seasons. It just kind of stayed with me. It was those little boys I was knitting!

But Recruit 5... He is soooo sweet and tender. He's not a "break through the line" kinda guy. He is the diplomat, the intell guy, the lover - not a fighter. He is the one who only needs to be quietly reprimanded. He is crushed if harsh or unkind words are used. He randomly yells "love ya mom!" and will run in for a quick hug. How could I throw him into this beastly barbaric adrenaline rushing sport????

I didn't have to, it is now part of recruit training. Two have gone before, it's tradition. It is out of my hands.

But he is so gentle and kind.

I just made myself miss him. Hold on I have to go hug him real quick....

Okay - I'm back.

His first day of practice came and it was hotter than blue blazes. I stayed at home in bed where all self respecting people should be early a.m. on a hotter than blue blazes Saturday and The Marine excitedly took his son to dehydrate.

Two hours later they returned home... Dehydrated.He loved it! It was great! And that is ALL sweat! I had him give me a mean football face, but he looked retarded in it so I didn't post that one.

Since The Marine had to go work somewhere doing Marine stuff, I've been pulling football duty, which normally I love but the blazes around here are still blue and I don't dig the sweat.

Lucky for me a giant lighting bolt struck straight down somewhere on the other side of town, but we all saw it so that put the kabash (is that a real word?) on practice tonight. Little R5 beat serious cheeks to the jeep and jumped in all in one swift motion.

He didn't even take his helmet off before he leapt into the jeep.

He was freaked out by the lighting. He graced me with this photo, but then insisted I jump in and we get the heck out of there.

Okay I have to go hug him again and see if he'll let me rock him.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What do I do when The Marine is Gone?

and look for ways to not clean the house like now, looking for pictures of him and sighing alot.

So I was thinking all these kind thoughts about my Marine and he's not here to frown at me and ruin my kind thoughts about him so I opened the giant file cabinet filled with pictures and found this one. It was EIGHT years ago.

This was before he got his eyes fixed. He was in a wedding of a buddy of his and I was his accessory. It was a lot of fun. We left the then, only four recruits with my Mom and Sister and headed OUT OF STATE, hence the giant toothy grin on my face.

Sigh... If he were here I'd fix him a nice big dinner and have the house all shiny and clean... Oh who am I kidding! I'd be pretending to do laundry instead of flat out ignoring it...

The sad/wonderful part is he knows exactly what I'm doing even from where he is. He's creepy that way. I'll get an email any minute now telling me to get off the computer and go introduce myself to the recruits. I however choose to think he thinks my lack of homemaking skills is endearing... I'm sure he does. He told me just the other day I was special! Come to think of it though, he then laughed to himself right after he said it as he walked off... Hmmmm....


Okay well I didn't do it all by myself, The Marine helped and it was almost 18 years ago... I've just been watering, nurturing, adding the HEAT as necessary. I think she has turned out pretty good. Very hearty and strong.
Recruit 1 hasn't had a post up in a while and I haven't told her how beautiful she is or how much I love her lately or enough apparently. She told me just the other day...

I must say though The Marine and I did great work on this one! When DNA mingles correctly it's truly a beautiful sight.

I don't feel quite old enough to have an almost grown up for a daughter.
RECRUIT 1 I said ALMOST GROWN UP. I now forbid you to complete the process! I think I'm too late. Anyone else feel old?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Things You Hear in My House

Recruit 1: Oh, R6, sing me your song... (she just oozed love for him in that sentence)

Recruit 6: (sings some mangled version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)

Recruit 1: Oh, that was so good. (again love oozes and you can hear her thinking what a cute little guy)

Recruit 6: Smiles and swiftly pokes her in the forehead and runs away....

Recruit 1: Grabs head and laughs hysterically through the pain as the "cute little guy" runs off.

Fast forward ten minutes when R1 is tasked with getting R6 ready for football practice. (for R5)

Recruit 1: Why did you poke me in the forehead?

Recruit 6: (with angelic sweetness in his voice) "oooohhh I thought I poked you in the eye?!

Mom: rolling on floor in office

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Hotel and Traveling Home with Wounded Recruit 2

After a long shower and a good nights sleep in the hotel, (for Recruit 2 anyway, I was in a double with thing one and thing two) he is ready to head back to our home town. The tye-died shirt was the calmest one the gas station had. Only the sleeves are funky. I should have picked out the purple and yellow one, but he would have just been naked then.

He laid back and watched as I attempted to get Recruit 6 bathed and dressed. R6 was a little high maintenance this morning. Here is the evidence. He is LEAPING from spot to spot.

Here he is in the giant picture window facing the pool right after his bath in his underwear. I am sternly speaking to him at this moment.
See the fear and terror on his face? He was so afraid he immediatley did this.
Again I speak very sternly. It probably doesn't help since I have the camera snapping at the same time. I told him it was evidence to show Daddy.
He bounced off in a hurry. See Recruit 5 simply waiting his turn to get dressed?
Finally we get out of there and make our way to the camp to pick up Recruit 2's gear. This is the counselor that stayed with him the whole time. A good group of kids! Next was breakfast!

The mountain was truly beautiful, because Recruit 2 was in hospital bottoms and a tye-died shirt we ate breakfast in the parking lot, looked at this hill, and snapped pictures!

Recruit 2 says I agreed he didn't have to get a haircut until the end of summer. I think he dreamed that.
He did agree to shave, which he has.
Recruit 6 is locked in his car seat so he missed the moment. It was not by accident he was locked down. Recruit 5 was a little confused why he and Recruit 6 had matching shirts. Then I realized all three boys were dressed in blue shirts. It must have been subconscious. I used to do this all the time when I picked out everyone's clothes. My mood was their mood!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

How would you feel locked out of the Temple?

The two little boys and I visited the Temple and the book store when we were in Raleigh. This was before Panera Bread and before THE CALL about my crazy boy and his even crazier injury.

When we arrived, the Temple was closed and the gate to the grounds was locked. It's a small Temple and I knew it might be. I thought it was worth the trip over there with the boys anyway. We could look at Moroni and the book store is down around the corner.
As we drove up Recruit 5 Said: "Oh this is the Temple I'm going to get married in!" I was a little taken aback by that but said "Oh that's great, after you serve a mission!"

In sharp contrast you see Recruit 6 here turning to me a little miffed the gates were locked. In fact I just missed him shaking the gate. He was actually upset.
Recruit 6: "I can't get in! Use your keys mom, you have keys! Why is it locked? We can't get in. I want to get in the Temple!"
I decided we should walk around front to the sign and take some pictures. We talked about Moroni on top of the temple, or at least Recruit 5 and I tried. I continued to deflect Recruit 6's ideas.
Some of which were, "let's just climb the fence" and "my legs can fit through those thingies we can just squeeze through" and the best one " How can we get on top of Moroni?" Hence the pointing finger below.
I tried again to explain, but I don't think he could get past the locked gates. I mean he sings about I love to see the Temple every Sunday in primary! How could he possibly be locked out??

I started to explain to him he couldn't go in the building even if we could go through the gate. However I figured it would just be a one sided conversation and at this point I was concerned that might actually cause damage to his psyche since I was a little surprised at his current frustration. We made it around to the front and Recruit 6 continued to trouble shoot the locked gate situation.
Notice Recruit 5, patiently standing for the pictures? He just waits while Recruit 6 continues to plot and try to convince me trespassing is a good idea.
I finally distracted him long enough to get a semi decent picture of them both looking in my general direction.
However it didn't last long and he was right back in the land of frustration. In reality it was only about 2 or 3 minutes in front and a total of 6 minutes at the Temple. Recruit 5 suggested we have a prayer at the Temple before we left and he led us to the shade of one of the Trees. I noticed during the prayer Recruit 6 slowly moved back into position to eyeball the fence and see if maybe he could try one more time to get me to let him squeeze through the rot iron fence.
I know my sweet boys were sent to be brothers here. They are a balance to one another and both will be wonderful missionaries one day. Recruit 5 will teach patiently and with love. Recruit 6 will try, get frustrated, and then put someone in a headlock. My work is cut out for me here don't you think?


What follows on these posts is true to the best of my knowledge, except what isn't. I only change names to protect the innocent and not so innocent.