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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Warning: Possible inappropriate content

This story involves Recruit 6. Just a warning. Worried yet? This post could go anywhere ya know...
This is his second year to play football. He's kinda of well known around here. Sadly, not for his football skill. He is still one of the younger/smaller players. Maybe I should say he is NOTORIOUS, rather than well known.
Why? Well, too look at him you would think it's because of his angelic face and demeanor. Both of which are true... Most of the time.... It's more because of what he has refused to wear since he left diapers far behind. Underwear. He doesn't wear underwear.
Many a sun beam and primary teacher at church have found out the hard way. I forgot to warn them.
But today, that may have all changed. He came in from football practice tonight and as I took off his football pants, (with him lying on the kitchen floor as I tugged) I noticed BOXER shorts.
Me: Oh my gosh! you have on underwear!
Recruit 6: Yep. I think I'm going to start wearing them.
Me: Oh? why?
Recruit 6: Well, if my pants fall down, someone might see my business. And in the bathroom the other day, my pants came down and someone saw my business and I said HEY DON'T LOOK AT MY BUSINESS!
Me: {hiding my joy} Ah, well that sounds like a great idea.

SO for all you have been marred by the lack of underwear on our little man child, or worried he was going to run off and join a nudist colony, or worse, become promiscuous before 3rd grade, never fear! Life has a way of working out and society has a way of helping us all mainstream in our own time... darn it. I now will have more laundry to do.

Monday, September 6, 2010

New beginings, Loss, Birthdays, all in one post.

Now it's September. So much has happened in our lives since Christmas day. So much there is no way to ever catch up. I will post a few things for sure. Like Recruit 1's wedding on 30 December 2009, then the second reception on the east coast on 9 January.

Then in April we had to say goodbye to our beloved Bradford. He was 15 and a half year old Blond lab and had been my faithful companion through many deployments, moves, and new babies.

later that same month, Luke, an adorable blond lab, was born and we were able to get him on Memorial weekend. Both of these beautiful animals and faithful family members deserve their own posts.

August brought the unexpected and all to early delivery of Recruit one's first baby. She didn't make it and hello's and goodbye's were all done on the same day. The amazing thing was Heavenly Father's hand was over us in a way I had never experienced before.

While it was a sad time, the peace we were granted and the comfort was something not of our ability or of this earth. It could only be the love and blessings from a loving Father in Heaven who knew what His children needed and granted it, almost hourly.

I returned home to my other five children the day before school started and The Marine was gone on a trip. Hasn't been much time to catch our breath.

Today is labor day, 2010. I am tired. I feel old and too young all at the same time. I think about two worlds colliding, one is the past and one is the present, and it makes it seem more plausible to have life fold in on its self, except my fingers are getting stiffer as my joints ache a little more. The Marine snores a little louder and there's more to hold onto when I hug him. That's how I can tell it's the present and I am getting older!

Oh, and how could I forget to mention, I've been called as the seminary teacher. That should prove interesting. We've completed one week so far and Hurricane Earl messed up our first Friday Scripture Mastery Day, so I am already having to figure out catch up! I think I am going to LOVE this calling, however... Wow, it's early and recruits 5 and 6 have to go to the church building with us. So far it's not been too disruptive... so far.

So if I do one post a day, I'll catch up in a week. I've missed blogging, capturing those random moments and not so normal events my family seems to find themselves involved in.

Oh and TODAY is Recruit 3's birthday. I have yet to get her a present and she wants me to MAKE the cake and not buy it. ug. She is my only girl comrade in this male dominate house right now. I guess I'll drag my Labor Day relaxing tail to the store and buy a cake mix.

As I type this my 85 year old Grandmother and my Mother have embarked on a 3500 mile road trip. I'll be watching their progress like we watch hurricane Earl, Fiona, Gaston, etc.... Recruit 1, myself, my Aunt, and The Marine are all on standby if one of us needs to fly somewhere in the U.S. to drive them back home...


I am pledging now, to myself because that way only I shall be disappointed, to set aside time for my writing. I'm not sure when, but I am looking for some!!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Christmas Day 2009

So I am not even going to explain why it's 7 Aug 2010 and this is just being posted. It would take all the time I have to write in the next few minutes! So We'll just get right to it! Christmas morning (if there are stairs) always has the traditional wait until Dad is ready. It also offers me a picture moment of the first glimpse of Christmas morning with all it's sleepy eyes, bad hair, and wrinkled faces...

Then it's time to dive into the living room and see what Santa brought. Every recruit seems to know just where to go.

Stockings are emptied and we all ooh and awwww over everything. look at Recruit 6's puffy little eyes....

Recruit 4 and a rare smile. I think he is holding up toothpaste. I can't remember. After all it's AUGUST!!!

The almost husband at this time.... his first Christmas morning with us.

Recruit 1 got a DIVA apron from Santa. I have no idea why. She cooks less than I do!!!

I think Recruit 3 "borrowed" those sun glasses already and they are now broken.

The Marine has skills. That's all I can say about this! He loves his whip cream with a little hot chocoalate! Ug, it's a million degrees outside as I write this. Does not look as good as it did 7 months ago...

I have no idea.

Grammy and I Christmas morning watching the festivities!

Recruit 3 got a bunch of crazy jewelery and a jewelery box from the jolly old elf.

Love my girls

Passing out gifts!

Recruits 5 and 6 enjoying the Christmas craziness!

not sure the almost husband is faking the crazy look! The went ahead and got married so I'm thinking we didn't freak him out too bad!!!

Bradford, our beloved friend and family member. He was 15 years old. Later, on April 8 we had a very difficult decsion to make. I'll write about it more later, but he is with my Dad in heaven now. Waiting for us patiently like he always did when he was here on earth. We miss him.

We opened presents in "baby order". Recruit 6 was first, but still had to wait for everyone to go before he could get to his next one. With my mom's family we all opened at once and as a child that was fine. But as I grew up i wanted to watch family open what I had sweated over picking out for them. It's far more fun!

Recruit 4 between the two Grandmothers!

And she loves her hat. Silly girl!

Wet suit was the big gift for Recruit 2.

The Marine and Recruit 2 got a combined gift from Recruit 1.

A 3D archery target! They both have compound bows. Time has not permited them to play with it yet. That stinks!

Big J. We love him!

We had to take a break and eat breakfast!

And clean up!!!

I love this face! He got a DS. THANK GOODNESS!!!


Days later we had a wedding and reception and another reception. He survived the Christmas test. AND he is still married to Recruit 1 AND they are expecting a baby in December!!! Their timing is rotten... however I am thrilled and that is why I am trying to catch up on the year so I can be ready when my first G-BABY pops out!!!

We had wet suits and X-men.

Then it was visit to my Grandmther's house. This is my youngest cousing. She just got married too in April. I have a blog for that too. one day.... I was getting a kitchen massage....
My Grandmother will be 85 this year! I love the clock and geese. Time flys... I need to do that somewhere in my house.

Recruit 2 and Grandmother.

Recruit 3

Recruit 4 and Grandmother

Christmas holds good memories for me. It is the main holiday that grounded me to my extended family all the years I grew up in a military home and all the years I've raised my family. This picture says a lot. My youngest standing in front of a window looking out on a backyard that has been part of my memories forever. Believe. I do believe. I believe all the family who no longer stand in this kitchen will one day stand together again. I believe in celebrating Christmas with joy and reverence and that it is my role now to create those memories and connections for my children and grandchildren. Merry Christmas, even if it's August. Any time of year is a good time to celebrate family and more importantly the birth and love of our Savior.


What follows on these posts is true to the best of my knowledge, except what isn't. I only change names to protect the innocent and not so innocent.