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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Summer 2011: Trip back home

When we went home for the summer, we took Luke and Scratch. I was heading home with the kids to welcome Recruit 1's baby boy to earth! We took our time driving the 1500+ miles. On the road trip out it was just Grammy, (my mother in law) Recruit 4 and Recruit 6. And of course the pups!

I stopped early enough thinking it would be an adventure to let the boys swim some before dinner and we could all get a good nights rest. What I didn't count on was LUKE freaking out in the hotel room. Our room's window faced the pool, so I opened the window. Now he could see his boys in the water. Um, yeah, anyone wondering if I had forgotten he's a full blooded, home grown LABRADOR. Water is one of his greatest joys. And his boys are just over a fence in water. Without him.

 He tentatively put a paw out. I admonished him and slunk back into the room. See the dark head in the picture below? Old Scratch was wanting to check things out too.

There's Recruit 6 who was getting concerned about the dogs. I was just annoyed. Not only was Luke trying to get to the pool, he was being very vocal about it. Not a manly bark either but a yippy puppy bark.

Old Scratch couldn't get up in the window. His hips are bothering him. He did however manage a random old man dog bark. Just think of what James Earl Jones would sound like if he were a lab. That is who I think of when Scratch finally deems something bark worthy.

There's Recruit 6, who is the main reason I felt we needed some down time. 25 hours in a car with him isn't always conducive to good mental health.

But seriously, look at that face. He and his brother were both wonderful on the trip out there.

Recruit 4 finally couldn't stand how upset the lads were getting so he climbed through the window to comfort Luke.

Grams was hanging out by the pool the whole time while I ran between the window and the pool. I was glad to have her on the trip!

Recruit 6 thought it was safe to get back in the pool, that Luke understood he couldn't join him.

Yeah, Luke was right back up there ready to leap out. He's spotted other folks in the pool, he was quiet for about 2 minutes. So we ended pool time earlier than we meant to. Fortunately the time we did spend outside unwinding from a day of driving was just enough to have the desired effect. Recruit 6 was passed out which meant a restful evening for the rest of us!


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