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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Planting with the Marine

The Marine ripped out the front flower beds... About a year ago. He has just about finished replacing them, and I have to say he's done a nice job. I am actually very pleased. The only tough part has been agreeing where to place the shrubs/flowers.

He says I keep putting them in a military formation. Um HELLO!!! I've never not been around the military, but the fact is, he just visualizes in military formations. It was actually a nice lay out.

But I went across the street and drug my neighbor into the fray. With her neutrality we came up with something lovely. I'll take pictures later. Right now I'm annoyed.

In fact I am supposed to be outside with him right now arranging plants in the last bed to be planted. I arranged them how I wanted them and he said it was ok.... but....

I rearranged them.

He made no comment.

I glared at him. He missed the glare.

I waited.

He finally said, "Is this how you want them?"

Are you kidding me???

I said "yes that's why I stuck them this way. I asked you if you liked this and you never said anything."

The marine: "I was thinking."

I finally said something short and terse and came in.

I walked back out a few minutes later and he was beginning to put up the new outside fixtures he bought for outside the garage.

I watched.

I finally said "Do you think you are going to need help with these?"

The Marine: "um, probably."

Me: "I''ll send someone out."

And I came inside and sent out Recruit 4.

Uh oh, the electricity in this room just went off. He either is trying to spook me out or just shut breakers off in the garage to replace the fixtures.

I'm going to bed. It's dark.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Recruit Six: Preschool comes to an end...

I can't believe that in a few short months my youngest little man will enter public school as the last Kindergartner in our family.

He has spent the last year in pre-school and only had a "few" incidents. Here he is at the Mother's Day tea they held.

He will be "graduating" from pre-school next week. He only knocked out one little boy's tooth the whole school year. We were so relieved. Thank goodness the little boy liked going to the dentist and the dentist repaired it at no charge.

We had a talk about using our WORDS to express ourselves. He seemed to do better after that.

He is a funny boy. There have been so many funny things he's said and done and I've missed capturing a lot of them.

Recruit 6 was very disgruntled when all the primary children had to go up on the stand and sing mother's day songs. He frowned the entire time in the very front of all the children and occasionally would look up from under his eyes, glare at the congregation and then look back down again.

Mom: What do you want to be when you grow up.

Recruit 6: A ninja turtle

The Marine: Which one?

Recruit 6: Leonardo.

Mom: What does your dad do for a job?

Recruit 6: um, Marine, he shoots people... um, I don't know, just shoots people.

(runs out of the room)

Mom: Come back, I want to ask more questions...

Recruit 6: NOOOO I don't want to do it!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Mother told me too...

I received an email from my Mom today who said she missed my blog posts.
So, I'm blogging. My mom told me to.

I have been so busy and there's been so much to share, yet I just haven't had the time or energy to blog. My crazy middle of the night blogs thank goodness are fewer since I started taking melatonin. However I miss the 0215 inspiration that used to strike!

The big news around here lately is we are getting ready for Recruit 1's graduation from high school and her move several states away to go to school and live with my Mother.

We know she is really ready for the big world out there and to make big girl decisions on her own. And far away where we aren't watching her every move. That is painful!

She and her bestest buddy will be going there separate ways, but I'm sure she'll be fine. This was taken the night of their final stage show at the spring band concert. I promise these are costumes and not an indication of their career choice...

I have no doubt this first born child of mine will go forward and do great things! However, the world may not be ready for her!


What follows on these posts is true to the best of my knowledge, except what isn't. I only change names to protect the innocent and not so innocent.