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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Marine

The Marine hasn't figured it out yet, and quite frankly, I just realized it when I saw the date on my computer. Today is the Marine's personal Marine Corps Birthday. The day he went into boot camp. The day he got off the DI's bus, stepped on to the yellow footprints and became a man. Okay, well started the journey. He was only a lowly worm recruit, but a short time later he received his Eagle Globe and Anchor and earned the name Marine.

A name he has honored for the last 26 years and I have no doubt will continue to honor it. Even when he is 80 years old and addled minded. He'll still know enough to stand at attention for the National Anthem and the Marine's Hymn.

I have learned a lot from him over the years. Leadership, attention to detail, integrity, hard work, you quit when the job is done, not when it's 1630, trust in your gear, training, and fellow Marine, or in my case Marine Wife. Those traits have gotten us through a lot of deployments, separations, (because of training, schools, and exercises), and many moves.

The Marine with Recruits 1 and 3. Daddy's girls.

People ask how I feel about certain political situations. Sometimes as a Marine Corps family there's not a lot of time to argue politics. We are too busy caring for those around us, strengthening and uplifting our children, our Marines and their families.

It's been a good life, one I wouldn't trade. It is one of sacrifice, and in the middle of deployments sometimes it seems too much, but in the end we are stronger, learn to dig deeper, and love harder than we might have ever been able to otherwise.

His leadership in the home, at church and in the Marine Corps is part of who he is. The man is not separated from the Marine, the Marine from the man, or the Priesthood holder from either. He is still on his journey and as retirement looms in our not so distant future, I know there are adventures still to be had.

Happy birthday you old gungy gruff, wonderful stubborn infuriating and valiant man! We are a little thicker than when we started down this road, but I'm glad we are still traveling it together!

The Wife ~
PS you can only call me THE WIFE until midnight tonight. After that I get to smack you!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Marine and his STUFF

The Marine has a new title. Well new since Thanksgiving weekend 2011. He is now a Marine AND our Bishop. I'm married to a Bishop. Go ahead and a take a moment. I know right? It's hard to believe that in spite of me, the Lord called him to serve in such a humbling, responsible, and incredible calling. It has been a beautiful blessing in our family and it's an experience like no other. I'm trying to be good, really I am. I don't want to make things harder on him. BUT, there are some things that will never change.

For instance, The Marine's complete anxiety at me touching anything mechanical or electronic of his to include his TRUCK and his computer stuff. Typically when the Marine's truck decides it needs to take some sick days, it does it when he is gone. It's one of the few things I get "the look" for. Even if it's not my fault, which most of the time... it's NOT.

Today however was a fabulous day in church; great talks, good friends, and right after church the youth and parents gathered in the Relief Society room to watch the video/slide show we had put together that was shown at youth conference this past week.

Before that could happen I had to run home during the third hour and get a lap top. I had forgotten it. The closest one and the easiest one to grab was THE MARINES. Oh yes I did.

One of our Stake Presidency members and his fabulous wife visited us today and when I got back I found my Bishop Marine husband chatting in the very first classroom I had to pass. I had his lap top under my arm.

He was distracted for a moment wanting to know where Recruit 2 was. (I had taken him home, we are all suffering from head colds/allergies or something equally nasty). I hadn't told him I was taking Recruit 2 and expected an eye brow raise, but then he spied it. His Toshiba -  under my arm.

THEN I received the eyebrow raise. One would think I would play it off what with our special guest and all sitting right there. Nope, not me, stuff just happens. Instead of being meek and humble I hugged it tighter to my body and said "oh yeah, that's right, I'M TOUCHING IT" and then I sashayed away.

In the end my brief victory was thwarted as I couldn't get the movie to play and the Bishop husband had to take over and make it work. eh, it happens.

Pretty much the eyebrow looks something like this, but only a little less friendly....


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