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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Christmas Eve 2009 Part II

Yes, I am well aware it's March. I've been busy! and Krazy. I've named this blog well. Okay, back to the story at hand.

So my family has had a tradition for years. Early in the wee hours of Christmas Eve you must be careful to be the first person to "get someone's Christmas Eve Gift". I think once upon a time if you yelled it at someone before they yelled it at you, you received a gift. Someone thankfully removed the actual gift part from it, I think my Grandfather, and it just became a game of "I got you first".

The Marine and my mother are very serious about this game. To the point of 12:01 phone calls to disoriented sleepy family members. Waking people up just enough to get their Christmas Eve gift as they struggle from slumber. It's just wrong, but my husband has embraced my family's tradition and run with it.

Santa Clause decided to engage Elf #7 many years ago when I was little. I think he felt bad we didn't get a gift for all our hard work to one up one of our family members. So on Santa's way to some unknown part of the world he throws a bag of gifts out to us. Either during or after our Christmas Eve dinner. The kids run out, drag the bag in, and then pass out gifts.

It can be scary running out there in the dark if you're the oldest grandchild. I'm just say'n. Too many old embarrassing stories to tell about my formative years involving "THE DROP".

So my sister and her family, her daughter, son, and husband arrived for dinner. I have 0 pictures of her husband. He will pay for that. And since he doesn't read my blog I can plot openly about his payment....

Here you see Recruit 6 and his cousin. They are 11 weeks apart. Bear, the cuz, is going to be much bigger than Recruit 6, but he is a sweetheart. Recruit 6 evens the playing field by not being a sweetheart.

My sister's oldest. She is a feisty little thing. She will be quite the mover and shaker as she grows up. Recruit 1 will probably be a good advisor for her. They are soul sisters.

My sister. Hard to believe she is younger than me. I know Right? Okay, whatever, she points out my crows feet every time I come home.

Since my sister and her family were spending Christmas day with my bro-in-laws family they did their gift giving with Grandmother before dinner. Bear is quite pleased with his gift and it's not even unwrapped yet!

Grandmother, Big J, and Recruit 3 hanging out. Big J is my mom's boyfriend. Weird I know. He is super fabulous. I am so glad he is around since we aren't. Not sure why he has to hold the mug so close to his face to read it.

Recruit 2 looking bored.

Traditional picture of the table and room prior to us blowing it up with dinner. We had a second table by the tree. We don't all fit.

THE DROP THE DROP!!!! The youngest Grandchild runs out to wrangle Elf 7's bag in. He's been our Elf from the beginning. Very cool little dude.

Recruit 3 steps in to help. Oh what's that family members reading this post are asking? Where am I? WHERE DO YOU THINK I AM??? You scarred me for life. I'm IN THE HOUSE. Yes, I'm talking to you Aunt L and Uncle D. FOR LIFE!!!

Gratuitous picture. I think she's pretty.

Passing out of the booty. Crazy thing is, no matter who has joined us for dinner, there has always been a gift for them. Seriously is Elf 7 rockin' or what?

Scar face. He is in awe of his gift, or wondering if that's all he got. Oh my gosh he's cute!

OH MY GOODNESS. The brother in law is in the background. Yawning, yes, but he's there. We've captured his presence for posterity's sake. I still plan on plotting. It's what I do.

The almost Newlyweds. A ball thrower for the dog. Who ate it 10 minutes after this picture was taken.

The spicy cousin with her loot.

Big J got a magic 8 ball. That didn't work. Next year I'm sure Elf 7 will make up for that. I'll send a note.

The bag is empty. We set it out with the milk and cookies and Santa takes it back to the North Pole. Very big into recycling up at the pole.

Totally into zebra print this one. She's not my child.

Apparently Recruit 2 is digging her zebra stuff too. Or just torturing her. The latter I'm sure given the following wrestling match.

Notice how only a few look on. Sad statement this a normal occurrence.

He's going to gurat her with that scarf if she doesn't move away.

Spicy girl tries on her winter fashion accessories.

Big sis comes into help rescue her ear warmer headband thingymabob.

The three little guys got cute books with the main character stuffed animal. I was happy they were happy.

Gratuitous cute girl picture.

The kids. It was my almost son-in-laws first Christmas with us and I'm happy to report he survived and still married Recruit 1.

Now it's time for the passing out of Christmas pajamas. A more recent tradition I started awhile ago. It's getting expensive.... Recruit 1 is in charge of her new family's pj's. She said her pj's are going to kick our pj's butt's next year. She was born competitive. Good thing she was first.

Recruit 4 is still trying to make the magic 8 ball work. IT'S BROKEN, but go ahead.

Mad elf? Elf's gone bad? What's up with this face?

And more happiness.

I have to tell a funny story here. Sorry Bear, gotta do it. See all the envelopes on the tree? Well those were from my Grandmother. They have money in them. (duh) Anyway, my sis and her family got theirs. Bear must have thought he needed an extra one. My sister found a fifty dollar bill in his pocket, the kids only get twenty. IT WAS MINE!!! Muwahahhahahah. I'll get you in fifteen years my little nephew.... He was so cute. He really was. We'll all be watching you next year little man!
I thought Henery looked cute here.

Dish duty. It's me.

More clean up. blahck.

THE MAGIC 8 BALL IS BROKEN! Oh my gosh, like there's a secret to making it work. No one listens to me.

I love my family!!! See this is why I give out pj's. How cool is our Christmas Eve picture? Check out the one from last year.

And to all a goodnight.


What follows on these posts is true to the best of my knowledge, except what isn't. I only change names to protect the innocent and not so innocent.