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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter weekend 2013 - Saturday

It's been a good day. Recruit 1 will be here by the end of this week with the two reds. I am looking forward to having these two tiny people in my home! I am learning what it means to have joy in your posterity! We are in for a busy week, but all of it involves good things and I am amazed at how blessed we truly are! Even when Marines turn cranky. I'm not sure why I bring out the cranky in him... but sadly I do.

So today was supposed to be a day of work. I had everything planned. Sort off. I have a work trip to DC and since it's spring break the Marine is coming along with me and we are bring Recruits 4-6. In preparation, because we live on the edge of the world, I typically have to pick my rental car up Friday or Monday. So I had PLANNED to get it yesterday (Friday). I also needed to get my hair cut and we had a church social to go to. A potato bar. I signed up to bring something. I'm not sure what.

So I ended up being at the hair place for two hours, was trying to get home so the Marine and Bishop was not late to church, realizing I still had no idea what I had said I would bring. I ran in, threw on some make up, changed my shirt, threw everyone in the car, screamed around corners to the church, ran in side announced, rather loudly, in the kitchen I had no idea what I was supposed to bring so what did they need? Sour cream. Got it! Recruit 4 and I ran back out and as I was pulling into the grocery store parking lot at 6pm on the nose I realized I had not gotten my rental car. I called, QUICKLY, but no answer. Seriously? They close at six. I really thought my rental car peep would wait for me. I rent like almost every month. I discovered in that moment, I was really not that special.

So I thought no worries, the recording says they're open tomorrow 9-12. (that would be Saturday, if you remember in the beginning of this post I mentioned I had to get a rental car either Friday or Monday. There is a reason for that.

So this morning the Marine drives with me to the rental car place. Locked up as tight as a stinkin' drum. THEY ARE NOT OPEN ON WEEKENDS. I knew that, but the erroneous voice message had given me false hope. I called the town 11 miles to the East of us, the guy whose name is TRAVIS was apparently about to spontaneously combust. Evidently he had triple the people this morning wanting cars than he normally had. My towns rental office is a satellite office of his rental office, so I innocently asked "well, what happened to the car I had reserved last night?" I seriously thought his head was going to pop right off over the phone. The Marine could hear him all the way on the other side of the truck.

So I called the town 19 miles to the West of us. I was put on hold. We sat in the parking lot. On hold. The Marine began to describe to me his cocnern about my personal business organization. The conversation went down hill. All the while the recording from the rental car company playing in the background about how fabulous they were because they were a family owned business and how well they treated their customers any time any where any day. I suggest we just drive there and show up. We stopped and filled the truck up. THE BIG DIESEL TRUCK. That's important because it takes a minute or two for that thing to fill up. I was still on hold.

We drove almost all the way to the airport location when Charles, the rental guy finally came back on. Sure I can help you, come on in. I said we'll be their in two minutes.

We pulled into the airport, I went inside leaving the cranky man in the truck. It was the wrong rental car place. Who knew there were two? No Charles in sight. There was however a lovely lady named Lori. I said Lori, listen, I'm in some trouble here. I need help. I CANNOT go back out to that enormous truck with that cranky old man and tell him there's no Charles in here. We are approximately almost two hours into this little errand to pick up a rental. Please, please tell me I can just get a car here.

She hesitated, looked over to the counter where all the other reservations were lined up, looked back at me. I looked at her. I tried to not beg with my eyes. She finally said, okay let's see what I've got left. YAY!!!!

I started the paper work for a Jeep Patriot. Not my favorite, but it was a car. And I was creeping up on two hours what should have taken 15 minutes. I ran out, grabbed the Marine's driver's license and finished up the paper work. I walked out with my new BFF Lori and waived at the Marine. I had the keys, he didn't need to wait. But he did. What a sweet man. He must have been worried something else would go wrong and he didn't want to strand me.

I chatted happily, walked around the car, looked inside. It's brand new, and only had 1100 miles on it. I heard the Marine drive up where my BFF and I were chatting away. He rolled down the window. I thought he want's to see the car I was getting. Lori laughed and waived at him and said no worries, all is well! He didn't respond. He didn't smile. He just starred at me. I thought "what the heck is wrong with him". He held out his hand. Oh, he wanted to hold my hand, but that is totally weird. What is WRONG with him???

He raised an eyebrow. I suddenly realized I still had his driver's license. OH! "here you go honey, (giggle, laugh) Didn't realize I still had your license!" I handed it to him. "I wondered why you hadn't left..." He shook his head, took his license and drove off. I looked at Lori shrugged my shoulders and said "Marines, what are ya gonna do?"

The day continued much better after that. It ended with a lovely family dinner and then family prayer in which Recruit 6 asked that we be blessed with a safe trip to "see the amazing things in D.C. and have good family bondage". Nice.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

When insomnia attacks

It's 0220 in the morning. I've been reading old blog posts. The Marine is snoring to my right and I think the little red dog is under the bed scratching. At least I hope that is him.

I received one of the nicest compliments today. Recruit 4 came into the bedroom when I was reading an old blog post and he said "you know mom, I really liked your blog, I wish you would write some more".

He is definitely sweet on occasion!

As usual there has been some time between posts and it's been filled with a lot of life. Recruit 1 has had another baby, another boy with fabulous red hair, Recruit 2 has been out on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for almost 5 months, Recruit 3 is about to wrap up her junior year and I just put her on a plane to go visit Recruit 1. Recruit 4 will be starting high school next year, Recruit 5 is playing lacrosse and getting a temper, and  Recruit 6 while a little older than the last time I posted is still my baby and still thinks he is going to grow up to be a ninja.

The Marine is still my Bishop, but in a year's time will put away his uniform and become the Retired Marine. This next year is going to be filled with preparation for some major life changes for the Marine and I. It's been a long time and the only life we have known together has been with the Corps in the middle of it.

Where will we go? What will we do? Well, the possibilities are endless. While I know this next year will bring some new stresses, it's also a little like the weeks leading up to Christmas. The future is in beautifully wrapped gifts with big bows under the warm glow of white lights sprinkled throughout a tree decorated with memories and symbols of our life.

I am going to stand in this moment of endless possibilities and dream. The world is our oyster and right now at 0229 in the morning, anything is possible!



What follows on these posts is true to the best of my knowledge, except what isn't. I only change names to protect the innocent and not so innocent.