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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tutorial: How to Eat Pumpkin Pie

Warning: This is Graphic. And the second post of today, so don't forget to read about Thanksgiving Day part 1. I might just work in a part 2 sometime. However for now I felt this was way more important to post.

Now on with the Tutorial!

First you should rip a piece of pie right of the pie plate. When you are a Marine you have no need for the niceties in life. You're hard corp, hard charging, and plates/utensils are not necessities in your life. When your a Marine in a household of multiple pumpkin pie loving people you must do what you have to do to protect your piece of the pie.

Apply whip cream quickly and directly onto your pie which is directly on your hand. Perhaps too, the ability to save on dish soap, free up room in the dishwasher etc also motivates this Jar Head to move quickly and stealthily in the kitchen. He will only have to wash his hand. Of course there's always the option to lick it.

BAM! He applies whip cream, eats, and cleans up the pie hit and no one is the wiser. Kind of a PIE BY, Except the tailor who has to let his dress blues trousers out...

Now contemplate just how much PT you want to do tomorrow... Come to me little pumpkin-kins. I will be more than happy to run the potato masher pit thing people run through on base - tomorrow, or maybe the next day.

Now quickly shove the piece of pie into your open mouth. Pie pieces have been known to have been snatched right out of a family member's hand as the pie is being brought up to the jaws of life. Speaking of, who knew his jaw could unhinge like this to accommodate such a magnificent piece of pumpkin pie.

Now my little friends, go forth, whip cream in hand and EAT my pretties, EAT! It's Thanksgiving, tomorrow we do Body combat, pump, and Flow! But tonight... It's all pie.

Thanksgiving Day: part 1

Good Morning World! They loved my homemade-made from scratch pumpkin pies. One as you can see is GONE and the other was breakfast. I must confess, The Grandmother and I ate the first two, pieces last night. Well, first four pieces... Did I tell you they were good?

It was cold here this morning. 28 degrees. This is our deck. I went out to see what The Marine's turkey looked like.

The backyard had frost all over the ground. Recruit 3 suggested next time we get Recruit 6 to run out there barefoot and take pictures of his cute little feet prints in the frozen grass. Sure Recruit 3, I'll get right on that.

Here's the big bird getting smoked. I called The Marine out because ole' Tom Turkey was a browning up a little faster than I thought he should....

Did I mention we were all still in our Jammies?

Kelli: Get that bird Daddy-O!

The Marine: Are you going to document EVERYTHING? And do you have to comment?

Kelli: That's it, stoke the fire...

The Marine: Seriously Kelli?

Kelli: Yep, keep movin'.

Here's the brined bird. When Recruit 3 and 4 saw this picture they both said EWWWW what's wrong with that turkey, what's popping out? Ewwww Grosss.... blah blah blah.... Those are onions by the way if you too are going EWWWW GROSSSSS.....

And the Wii continues... KILL ME NOW!!!!

Is this not the cutest recruit??? Recruit 3 is just getting too cute. She is also NO help in the kitchen this holiday... Thank goodness she's cute, otherwise I would have had to banish her.

Okay, More to come later! Look forward to How to Eat Pumpkin Pie by The Marine....

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Day Before Thanksgiving

I woke up this morning with high hopes for the day. I wanted to get a lot done and there was plenty of work to be done. So I woke up to these two turkeys and got started right away. I began my journey. The journey that leads to Thanksgiving Yummy goodness and a couple of extra pounds to work off at the gym next week.

I opted to leave this one alone for a little while longer. He wasn't finished baking...

NOT that he is a turkey or anything. I would NEVER say that...

I went right to work. I didn't even change out of my jammie bottoms... I had to take self portraits, no one else was up.

This is what the top fabric looks like. I love these PJs. They are very comfy. I stuck the camera behind me and took a picture of my back. pretty talented eh? I've got all kinds of hidden skills!

This Recruit is buried under his blanket, so I left him there. Figured he wasn't anywhere near ready to wake up and face the day. He needs to grow you know.

So I started without him with butternut squash and made a puree out of it.

I then ate a few cherries. I love cherries.

oooh, look, HE'S OPENING AN EYE... I quickly ran away. I'm afraid he may have thought I called him a turkey. But I didn't, nope I DID NOT.

Look, this recruit is STILL sleeping too! Bunch of lazy dazies....
They're missing the journey...

THE GRANDMOTHER is here visiting for the Thanksgiving holiday. She bought me flowers this morning. The Yellow Rose of Texas! I love yellow roses. The Marine won't buy me flowers until he gets a truck. He says a truck represents Texas just as good as yellow roses do. Well that's just fine and dandy but my roses are more reasonable than a TRUCK!!! The Grandmother buys me flowers so I just won't say anything. He doesn't read the blog anyway.

They make me happy.

Recruit 1 practiced piano while I mutilated butternut squash.
I'm not kidding either. Have you tried to cut through squash in a straight line?

She didn't really appreciate my attention. The squash were cooking by now. I was bored. The journey was at a speed bump.

She asked me to back up a little bit. I was very very close. I told her no. I am the mother. Hmph, that'll show her. I'll take a picture up really really really close.

THE GRANDMOTHER and the girlie girl recruits took off for adventures. They left me with the boys.

This little recruit took time out to dance today.

Not sure why, he just had a brief moment of joy and did a jig. I just love his joy!

While he danced I decided it wasn't enough to attack and mutilate butternut squash, I needed to get my pumpkin on.

So I gutted and pulled the seeds out. I'm going to try and roast them tomorrow. It's all about the journey folks.

While I was on my Thanksgiving food journey, these boys played some WII game. Then they went outside to play. Thank goodness. I get wii'ed out.

This little recruit played non-stop today. He is making some odd space ship noise. That's why he looks a little special ed here.
He fell sound asleep in the middle of a Pokemon cartoon. He was out for about 30 minutes, never moved. I continued my journey around him.

Here is one pie. I have canned pumpkin in the cubberd in case my journey tastes bad.

Check out the camo bucket The Grandmother picked up for me to brine my turkey in.

Yep, that's a turkey in there. The Marine is also going to smoke one in case this part of the journey ends badly...

Look at this cute boy. He has been super good today. He just turned 10, the double digit birthday. I'll be posting those pics soon.

I should be shocked the water is that gross. But I'm not. Nor should you be shocked. These recruits work hard for their dirty bath water. I always like to document we actually bathe these two.

I messed up my computer today. The Marine couldn't figure it out for HOURS literally. Here he finally fixed it! Our celebratory hug! I just love him!

So today I brined a turkey for the first time, made pumpkin and butternut squash puree, did dishes about 17 times, broke my computer, walked silently around The Marine while he tried to fix it instead of doing his homework, made pumpkin butter, arranged my roses, actually got dressed at one point and bathed the little people. Woo! it was a great day! Well, until tomorrow, I'm going to go snuggle some little fellas!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Marine Corps Ball 2008

One of the more well known traditions in the Marine Corps is the Birthday Ball. Our celebration of the Marine Corps birthday has been consistent over the years, but it's changed. Gone are the days of breakfast after the ball, helping close down the dance floor and being around to witness some of the more interesting events that often occur late into the evening. Now it's ceremony, dinner, and leaving 20 minutes after the lights dim.

We are old.

Apparently we've been old for several balls now.

However this year we took some friends. Well, we took some people we've been growing and figured after last year's fiasco we needed to ensure we were not sitting at a huge round table all alone in a giant ball room. Perhaps I'll write about that later. A memorable ball to say the least. Anyway, back to the present.

We dressed up Recruits 1 and 2 and took them as our "people". Here they are heading towards the big green beast to leave. It's VERY cold here.

Recruit 1 decided she needed a last minute fix before we left.

And by fix I mean a last shot of hairspray. She had her guard instructor roll her hair the night before. I was sick. Still am sick. I feel really really rotten, so I was greatful the Guard Guru (here after known as GG) took on the rolling of the hair. And there is a lot of hair. ALOT. The Guard Guru was afraid she hadn't rolled it tight enough. Recruit 1 snorted when I told her about GG's concern.

She retorted that GG had rolled her hair the way she rolled lumpia! She didn't sleep hardly at all because her eyes were pulled toward the back of her head.

Recruit 1 had been at school all day and she still had fabulous curls. Check out the back!

This was after being at the ball for a little while. Good job GG! and THANK YOU. I was curled up in a ball moaning....

Recruit 1 took my picture before we left and I want everyone to recognize the fact that SOMEONE had to look at me to take this picture. You would think SOMEONE would have told me to get the lipstick off my teeth. That is one of the sacred rules of womanhood. We will always give each other the toothsign. Apparently Recruit 1 has not read that rule yet.

You can't see my dress well, but that's okay, if you saw me at the last 6 balls I've attended you've already seen it. Another thing that has changed. I just don't need a new ball gown every year. Braces and groceries seemed to have taken precedent... I think I might get one for next year though. Just because.

Outside the convention center. You know it's time to retire when you have no more room on your chest. Check out the pineapple on his chevron. That's the emblem in the center of the scarlet and gold stripes on his sleave. It's actually a bursting bomb but it looks like a pineapple.... He doens't like me to say that, the pineapple part that is.

2, Recruit 2.

He was so handsome in his tux. It's his first tuxedo to wear. He even got a hair cut for me too that day. What a cute boy!!!

All alone at the table . That is just wrong.
He really seemed to enjoy the ceremony. The Commandant's message was motivating. Maybe too motivating. This one already wants to wear the uniform.

No comment.

Still curly.

Yes these are gratuitous pictures I've put up but I just think they dress up so nicely!
Like lifesize Ken and Barbie.

Getting Recruit 2 to dance with us.

Waiting to go get dinner.

Not so cute here, but I thought it was funny. How bright does a flash get in a dark ball room?

Pretty darn bright.

The Captain wanted a section picture. So here they are trying to get their picture taken when a poor, unsuspecting Marine, who was rather clueless walked right between myself and the Marines lined up on the wall for the picture. Quite a few people were standing off to the sides waiting.

The Marine is explaining to him the grave error he has made. He was actually very apologetic and I think the Marine was messing with him.
I think.

Some line dance.
I"m looking at Recruit 2's feet. Recruit 1 looks like she should be in the new movie Twilight...

I'm thinking I was really something here. Recruit 2 was very nonchalant as he did the line dance.


Hmm, looks like they are laughing at me. I'm sure that wasn't it.

Why does it look like The Marine is holding Recruit 2 hostage for the photo? The firm grip around the neck.

Can't really think of anything clever to say. It must be all the gunk rolling around in my sinus passages. However it's not a clever picture. Pretty straight forward. Mother-daughter pose. Thank goodness you can't see all my crow's feet. See, no clever here, just old age angst.
And a pretty Recruit.

Mother-Son picture. Have to keep things equal.

Secret Agent pose
Recruit 2 pulls it off. I don't. I'm not sure what I'm pulling off here, but it scares me a little bit.

This picture was the clue it was time to go. In fact during dinner they both looked like this while the Marine communicated only with his plate. It left me to carry the conversation with a Sgt, his wife, and a brand new PFC who had only been in the Marine Corps since February. Having a Master Guns at your table DID NOT facilitate chatty conversation. I'm good, but not that good. I could have killed all three of them.
So another Birthday Ball. The Marine was part of the committee to put this one on. It turned out beautiful. We left about 9. Recruit 1 kept reminding me she had French homework and Recruit 2 was ready to head out. He was was bored. I felt terrible anyway, so we left before the shenanigans got too way out of hand.


What follows on these posts is true to the best of my knowledge, except what isn't. I only change names to protect the innocent and not so innocent.