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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Teen Age Boys Love Their Mamas

More pictures from Recruit 2's cross country meet. Come on take a picture with me! I drove all the way out here, play right.
Seriously... Just act right for one second and get it over with!


I think secretly he was glad I was there, even though he was a toot about taking a picture with me...

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Recruit 2, Cross Country, and Impressive Teens!

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to make one of Recruit 2's cross country meets. I drove like a mad woman just to arrive in time to get these to shots of him AFTER he ran. Apparently I had an old schedule and arrived minutes after he finished running. Warning, these aren't pretty, and it wasn't one of his bed runs.

So Saturday when Recruit 4 and 5 had their football games canceled because of rain, I jumped at the chance to head out for the last meet of the year. It was the regional meet and the kids had a chance at qualifying for state. Look Recruit 2 peeking at me from the middle of his team while they were warming up. This race ended up being his personal best. It was a 5K and he did it in 18:32. If he keeps running he could probably get down in the 17 range next year. I really admire all these teens out there pushing themselves. I NEVER ran anywhere. Unless I thought I was being chased. And then how fast I ran depended on who was chasing me and if I wanted to be caught.
Here they are at the starting line up getting ready to go.

I missed him starting the race. I get so excited I forget to take pictures. The picture below is at the one mile mark. He was doing well and I could tell he was really pushing it. He was in second place for our team. I wouldn't do this. Well I would if someone were chasing me, with a big knife...

Below is the finish line. It's amazing the burst of speed the kids seem to pull out at the last minute. He puked right after this. DID NOT get a picture of that... I would never be able to have a burst of energy, except if someone were chasing me... With a big knife, AND they had a mask on. Yep, the mask could totally get me to have a burst of energy... or have an accident, one or the other.

Immediately after he puked. Now he is discussing the race. I think. He didn't come over talk to me. I guess that's not cool.

I have no idea what they are talking about. Something good though, they're all listening.

The team.

Recruit 2 is the hood looking kid on the end. Silly boys!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

We Really Do Own Beds

I think this is one of those moments I hold close in my memory when they are throwing each other against walls and screaming across the house. I can just look back and know that when they are finished "socializing" each other, at the end of the day they find comfort and love in each other's presence. These two were OUT. They are so sweet when they are OUT...

Friday, October 17, 2008

What I just heard...

Recruit 4 must have the den today as his chore. I assume it is because for the last 20 minutes he's been calling points out and motivating Recruits 5 and 6. Somehow Recruit 3 is also involved. I finally started paying attention.

Recruit 4: Okay, whoever gets the chairs stacked first gets 50 points!

(lots of loud noise)

Recruit 4: Okay, now whoever picks up ________ (fill in the blank) gets 10 points per _________(fill in the blank). I'm not sure what they were picking up.

Okay, now, if you clean off the bookshelves you will receive ONE THOUSAND points!

This continues until:

Recruit 5: Is this your chore? What, are you just WORKING US TO DEATH!!

It seemed to disintegrate after that.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Marine Took Me To Lunch...

I had a meeting at the unit today and it ended right after 1100. I walked to the Marine's office to find out if he would feed me. I walked in and said:

Kelli: I'm hungry.

The Marine: Do you want to go to lunch?

Kelli: Yes, I'm hungry, are you buying?

The Marine: I'll take you to lunch.

(Captain sitting at other desk smiling)

Kelli: Where'd YOU get money??

The Marine: Come on, I'll take you to lunch.

Kelli: Oh I get it you're going to use my money...

(Captain now chuckling)

So we load up in the van because the brakes on the Yukon are annoying and squeaky. The Marine starts to drive down the road.

Kelli: I have to potty. Hurry up.

The Marine pulls into the gas station.

Kelli: Why can't I go where ever we're eating lunch?

The Marine: I don't know if they have a bathroom there.

That never bodes well for me.

He pulls in and parks, looks at me.

The Marine: Well, go to the bathroom.

Kelli: I go into the gas station. At least he waited for me.

We continue to drive on base towards the flight line. I'm chatting and not paying a whole lot of attention until he pulls into an obscure parking lot near warehouse looking buildings.

The Marine pointing: There's lunch.

It was customer appreciation day at the base SERVE MART and they had a free lunch of chili dogs and hamburgers.

I ate in a warehouse today in my heels.

The Marine took me to lunch, just like he said.....

(serve mart is a big 'store' on base where units can purchase pens/paper, goods, supplies, 550 cord etc.....)

Friday, October 10, 2008



The kids had their Homecoming Game and Dance last week. On Friday was a parade by all the classes. Recruit 1 and Recruit 2 both worked on the floats and then road on them. Recruit 2 wasn't real thrilled with the Costume he wore, but was a great sport about it. The classes all chose a decade. The Sophmore class was the 90's. All the floats were great. The kids really worked hard. (And some of their parents...)

Below is Recruit 2. I hated he had to be "masked". He's too cute to cover up!

Here's Recruit 1 and the Senior Class float. She was greaser chick. Obviously they had the 50's. They were swing dancing on their float.


So Recruit 2 did not have a date. Apparently he is totally okay with that as are we because he's not 16 yet. So who was he going to go with and how was he going to get there? I was at Recruit 4's football game in another town. The Marine took the pictures.

Well his sister of course!

They went to dinner with Recruit 1's date and some other friends.

Recruit 1 invited another sophmore and her brother (not pictured) to go to dinner with them and her best friend MM joined them as well (on right). MM's boyfriend couldn't go to the dance with them because the administration said only students from the highschool or former students could attend the dance. MM was NOT happy. So he met them for dinner.

Here is Recruit 1 and her date. Yes, it's his traditional fall marching season mohawk. He's on the drum line and is a fun guy. He even matched her dress with the pink and black.

Here they are leaving for the dance. Notice only girls in the jeep? MM is very brave, she was the first outside of a parent to really drive all alone with Recruit 1 in the jeep. Since Recruit 1 just got her license she insisted on driving.

All the girls went in 1 car and Recruit 1's date drove the Recruit 2 and the other girl's little brother in his car!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Mother's Angst Dr.Suess Style

The daisies are deceased
The roses are dead
Yet there they stand in water
I am sitting here scratching my head.

I work all day long to provide extra dough
So off to activities they can go.
The laundry is going, though their rooms don’t show it
All they do is grab their pile of clean undies and into their room they just throw it.

Then when we scream clean it and they know that we mean it
Those fresh laundered items suddenly reappear
On the floor of the laundry room that I JUST CLEARED.

Dr. Suess is cute, educational and fun,
but this little rhyme should give you a clue,
I am mentally undone.

Today is the 7th day of the 10th month,
if they don’t fix this, I am threatening to jump.
Not off a bridge, or over a track, but over their heads and onto their back.

If you are a coach, instructor or guide, please be alerted, I’m after their hide.
So when they show up late with their little tails dragging,
just be aware I am done with the nagging.

I’m finally putting into play that parenting skill,
The elusive natural consequence, the one hard to fulfill.

So when they are neck-ed don’t call DSS
They made the choice to live with a mess.

Re-washing t-shirts that have never been worn is a waste of resources
And now I’m showing my horns.

I’m threw shouting curses and physical restraint. I am done doing what it is that they ‘aint!

(sorry about the aint word but I have to get back to work before I get fired and we don’t have money to buy laundry soap to keep WASHING THEIR CLEAN CLOTHES)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Sunday Drive

Recruit 1 is driving. I'm not sure if I can adequately express my thoughts. So I won't, except to say.... OH MY GOSH RECRUIT 1 IS DRIVING...

Never thought I'd be this old. Never thought she would be this old. Yet here we are.
Sunday she drove us to church.

She started out well. Buckled up and made sure we all did the same.

Looked behind her AND used her mirrors to back out of the drive.

The Marine was keeping watch. Does he look concerned to you?

Everyone handles their fear differently. Some kick back and relax like the kid in the blue tie, others just choose to close their eyes and pretend like it's not happening, like the kid in the red tie.

Look at that smile. She is really enjoying herself.

Recruit 5 seems to be enjoying himself, or is that maniacal laughter? Recruit 4 is the owner of the fingers over his head.

There are some things even The Marine is scared of.

I can't tell if Recruit 3 is scared or transforming. I was scared for her though...

I was afraid of several things. I was in the front seat. The front PASSENGER seat. Recruit 3's apparent elasticity in her bone structure, my frightened Marine. The nonchalant gaiety in the backseat, the way this shirt looks in this picture... So much to be scared of, so little time to be scared. We live a mile from the church...

Recruit 1 was not too terribly pleased with her family... She won't like this picture, but she never checks out the blog. She has yet to see the windy day post... I keep telling them they should check what I've got on here....


What follows on these posts is true to the best of my knowledge, except what isn't. I only change names to protect the innocent and not so innocent.