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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Decorating the Tree

Let me just start by saying I look WAY better in person than I do in this picture. My mom was still here and we were getting ready to leave for church. Tacky, I know. Look at the lip angle though, very cool... Reminds me of another post where I amazed myself with my elastic facial features.

Last-minute -before-church sustenance. Recruit 1 had been naughty so she was being punished by having to wear the radio active giant bauble necklace.

She is such a trooper though, she smiles through the pain...

Apparently this is not a good picture day for me.

Or Recruit 6.

You can always rely on Recruit 5 to make my photographic world right once again. How can you not LOVE those ears???

So after church the decorating began. The kids are pulling out strands of bead type garland I've had on my tree for YEARS. They do not like them and they all complain every year, yet on they go.


It's MY tree! In fact rarely have they been aloud to decorate the tree.


It's MY tree!

I have control issues.

This year I actually sat back and watched with a few well deserved directions. It is MY tree after all... I know, I know I already said that. Three times. Stuff is supposed to come in threes. I just doubled that theory when it came to kids... okay, way off topic moving on.

They don't like these because they tangle. And they have to untangle them.

Then they have to be re-twisted or braided. See my hand in the foreground. I was still helping. See that guy in the background? He's new.

I had forgotten that last year I bought two big containers of red tree ornaments. I was very excited when these were unpacked. There they are right there on the coffee table. Look at my Mother, so diligently untangling my beady garland. That's what Moms do, we untangle our children's beady messes.

Look at Recruit 4 being a diligent little elfy type helper.

Does this picture make you nervous? It should. Recruit 6 on a step ladder hanging ornaments and no one holding him or the tree.

However that little dexterious monkey didn't knock off one shiny red ball.

Neither did this little imp, although it is rather suspicious why he's looking toward the ground now that I really look at this picture...

Well whatever was happening, I will just assume Recruit 1 helped out. I think this is one of those pictures I'll look back on and say, "awwwwww". Then I'll say "Why didn't I make them dress better for pictures?"
The holidays can bring out odd behavior. These boys definitely have the ears to pull off this look though.

The Marine puts our Angel Moroni tree topper on after everything else is loaded on the tree. It's a fake tree by the way. I love it, but I miss the drama of a real one. sort of. Does it look like The Marine is going to hit me with our Angel Moroni tree topper?

But he didn't, he stuck it up where it belonged!

Everyone should write and congratulate me. This was the first year I stayed in one spot and didn't rearrange the tree after they were done! I am cured! sort of.

*If you want to know who the Angel Moroni is and why he is on our tree you can visit and use the live chat on the website. Or just ask me. I guess you could do that too, but a live chat option is way cooler than me.


One Krazee Mommy said...

I think the tree looks FABULOUS! I let the kids decorate last year... they did a great job and I will probably let them do it again this year (after I put the lights on it LOL!). Oh and we are a live tree family (well, it is live til it gets cut down to go in my living room - then recycled to repair the dunes after Christmas :) )

Heather said...

I've been meaning to tell you that I really like your hair like that. I haven't gotten the chance to tell you @ church and I'm not going to call just to say your hair looks nice. I guess you'll have to do with a rambling comment on your blog!
The tree looks nice too, by the way.

Kelli said...

Thanks Heather! It's been interesting, folks seem very divided. Some like it flippy, some like it under and a few like it better really short. In fact I've had so many comments I may have to take a poll!

cruisingfoote said...

You are way to cute and always seem to have tons of fun with lots of family photos to share.

Island Girl said...

You crack me up! I've let the kids go to town every year! The first couple of years i got the top half since they weren't tall enough...but not anymore! Ha! I figure i have all the years after they are gone to have it look perfect, but than that might annoy me having a perfect tree in my house! LOL! Fake for us too, real trees get in too late here on Oki, we like it up on Thanksgiving and they are very dry....ha! Wow, next year i might be in your house during the holidays! And yes, love the hair! Wow! Miss you!

Suzanne said...

I have Christmas tree related control issues, too. If only they stopped at the Christmas tree. I cured it this year (since we will be gone over Christmas)by putting up a 3' tree with paper decoration. I still rearranged the ornament after the kids finished, though...

Reid said...

Suzanne is so funny. I have to say that I LOVE your hair! Were you having a good hair day or does it always look that good? I cut mine recently and I think it's even shorter than yours. I love it! It's like it was when I was in Hondo Pass. Oh, by the way, Brother Dollar died. I'm playing at his funeral. Carol seems to be holding up okay, as he was sick for a long time. Bye.

Reid said...

Yes, you should take a poll. That would be totally fun. You could put pictures on your sidebar labeled A through C or whatever. I want to do the same thing with my kitchen. I added a second kitchen table, but I'm not sure if it doesn't look too cluttered. Polls are the way of making big decisions in our lives, right?


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